Open the American market

for your products

from Denmark!


Logistics, Warehousing & Distribution are key to make a decisive entry to any market. However, to count on local partners in the USA, who have the right connections for your products... that makes all the difference.


Our experience extends for  2 generations of  doing business between Denmark and the United States, especially within the dairy sector and fancy food industry.WHOLE MARKETS DK is a new family enterprise that brings our best aliances for your service.


Situated in northeast New Jersey, the logistics, warehousing and distribution facilities provide a great location to the New York City metropolitan area and the rest of the country.  We can provide our clients with excellent services to satisfy your transportation, storage and distribution needs.



  • The specialty food markets are setting the trends for the American consumers. 65% of consumers purchase specialty foods, leading the industry to $140.3 billion in retail and foodservice sales in 2017—an 11% increase over 2015.


  • The supply chain has embraced the importance of e-commerce as a way to sell directly to consumers. 85 percent of manufacturers sell via their own website and 49 percent use a third-party platform like Amazon. Importers cite online sales as one of their fastest-growing channels.


  • The 10 top-selling categories are: Cheese and cheese alternatives remains at the top and has grown 14.7 percent, but frozen and refrigerated meat, poultry, and seafood and chips, pretzels, and snacks have inched up to the number-two and -three spots, respectively.


«Specialty  Food Association, 2018« 


Through our alliances, we  have more than 200 distributors nation wide, working directly with specialty stores and specialty chains. Some of our distributors, as well, supply to supermarkets, but those are the exception.


Our strategy is to work with small producers, and manufacturers as we believe they focus on quality,  flavour and excellent ingridients, helping us guarantee total satisfaction for our end consumers.